Why Laptops are Better Than Computers

Computers dominated the nineteenth century but over the passage of time, the popularity of personal computers has decreased. The main reason for the decline is the increase in popularity of laptops and notebooks. People have increased the use of these portable devices as they are easier to use and provide the option of portability as well. We will now take you through some of the reasons why laptops are better than personal computers.Must Use Black Friday Laptop Deals 2018

Battery life

The best thing about owning a laptop is that you are able to work even if you have no power at all. All you need to do is charge your laptop and it can give you back up of more than 3-4 hours that is usually more than enough to cover up all your work. The backup power source in laptops due to the presence of battery is missing in personal computers and it makes the laptop more user-friendly.

Computers vs laptop

Easy to Use Keyboard

The keyboard in a laptop is attached to the main body while in the case of personal computer you have to connect it as another input device. The keyboard of a laptop is smaller which makes it easier to type and use as compared to a personal computer keyboard. It has been observed that speed of typing increases when one is using laptops.


There are times when you are traveling but you need to do your work as well. You cannot take your personal computer with you whenever you are traveling. But you can always take your laptop as it can be easily moved around without any hassle. Laptops of today are more powerful than a personal computer which makes work easier whenever you are on the move. Personal computers are bulky and cannot be moved around easily if compared to laptops.